We have a simple goal — enabling clients to take advantage of investment opportunities by utilising margin lending.

We have a simple goal — enabling clients to take advantage of investment opportunities by utilising margin lending.

What we offer

Leveraged Equities offers a number of margin lending solutions. These are designed to ensure that each investor is able to utlitise margin lending in the most appropriate way. Importantly, our expertise and guidance can help you to make a clear, informed decision as to whether margin lending is right for you.

What you can expect from us

Leveraged Equities offers a margin lending facility that allows you to access funds in NZD and AUD for investments in both Australia and New Zealand.

Although loans are not available in USD or GBP, you can still invest in US and UK securities through your broker. Advances are typically on a floating rate basis, but you may be able to request a fixed rate advance. If you choose a fixed rate advance, we will inform you of the interest rate and you must confirm your acceptance.

Your securities which you wish to borrow against, will be held as collateral against your Margin Lending Facility, with ownership transferred to Leveraged Equities or our nominee. You can sell the securities through your broker and the proceeds will be credited to your Leveraged Equities account.

For more information, refer to our Product Disclosure Statement and Margin Lending Brochure

Who uses this service

We have a range of clients, including individuals, small investment companies, and family trusts. Some are looking to diversify their investment portfolio and reduce investment risk, while others need access to their equity without selling existing securities. For those needing short- to medium-term bridging finance, we offer flexible revolving credit facilities to accommodate their requirements.

Why become a client?

Borrow up to 80% of the market value

We give our clients the option to borrow up to 80% of the margin lending ratio (MLR), which could increase their investment potential on certain approved securities.

We offer competitive rates

Floating loans are available to our clients in New Zealand and Australian dollars at competitive rates.

Portfolios updated daily

We make sure portfolios are updated daily to ensure accurate and current information. This allows our clients to monitor their investments in real-time and make informed decisions based on the latest market data.

Staying in touch 

As a Leveraged Equities client we will help you stay on top of your investments by sending you a monthly statement outlining your loan balances, interest rates and market value of your portfolio. 

New Zealand and international markets

Increase your potential to earn greater returns on your investments with the ability to invest on certain securities across the New Zealand, Australian, United States and United Kingdom markets.

No monthly account fees

After an initial establishment fee Leveraged Equities has no monthly account fees, which can save our clients money and reduce investment costs.

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Read about Margin Lending

Our Brochures and Product Disclosure Statement provides important additional details to help you to help you make your investment decisions.*

Margin Lending Brochure

Product Disclosure Statement


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Individual or Joint, Trusts and Estates and Company

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*We recommend you seek independent investment advice from your financial advice provider prior to using our service.

Leveraged Equities is a margin lending specialist

We have built our business by providing a flexible facility and a commitment to quality service.

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